Ahhh Valentine a time of love
The day when loners cry
The day when cupids arrows fly
Is it just me or is that the biggest pile of horse shit you ever heard.
If ever there was such a meaningless bullshit day
After all it was made by a murder who probably gay
Guys just dread it
Girls just love it
After all they get the gift
And what do we get nothing but a pile of SHIT

For the guy the day goes something like this
He must first go to the flower shop, what he must do for a kiss
Then off course, he must go to the candy store
Buy some candy to suck-up some more
Its now time to go to the jewelry store
The hotter the girl the more he must spend to score
After all this what does he get!
A hug from the bitch and a credit card debt
After the day, which was such a big bore
Don’t you think he should’ve just hired a whore?

For the girls the day isn’t so lame
They sit back and enjoy as the guys go through humiliation and pain
This is the day their demands must be met
If they aren’t the guy will surely loose his head
The chick now requests a candle lit dinner
Now the guy is getting pissed and just wants to kill her
In exchange for all this pampering all the girl must do
Tell the guy some BS about how she loves him too

If ever I find Mr Valentine somewhere
I’d kill the son of bitch right then and there
Maybe this whole Valentine thing is just a big conspiracy
By the corporate giants to make money and chicks to make us grovel for the true love we’ll never see
This is what I propose guys do on the 14th day of February
Celebrate Satin’s day and be the biggest jack-assed they can be

-By a guy who doesn't wish to reviale his identity for the sake of his life and any future relationship he may have