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The Beginning

The Middle
That was a good laugh. The rest of us the begin racing down the hill.
"1, 2, 3 GO!!"
"Watch out! watch out!
"Get out of the way!!!"
James, Dimitri, Joel, Mukesh and myself collide at the bottom.
HAHAHAHAHA. We all lay on the ground laughing.

Stan comes from the side, grabs, James' tobogan and hits him with it. Just for shits and giggles. At exactly the same time Dimitri desperately tries to get the duck game started but James stops him before he goes off to get Stan back. Two seconds later, Kaitlynn complains to Alina about her dirty coat, which is actually her mother's. Precisely two minuites after that and about 400km away, somewhere in midwestern United States, a cop stops a speeding motorist and gives him twice the regular fine after hearing a number of smart-alec comments. Halfway around the world at exactly the same time, a child living in London wakes up because she had a nightmare. Three and a half minutes later, in the small Northern Indian village of Husanpur , a group of friends are admiring the mangos they had just "liberated" from a farmer. It all kind of went like this:
tob4 busted  
trafalgar mango
At the same time as Mukesh's old friends reminisce about him, he wipes out on the slopes of Malden hill again.

I can completely undestand why they would want to switch hills. Just look at that board!
Before anyone could ask what this "something" is, I run, slide down a patch of ice on the hill and tackle my sister.

Despite what some people might consider a lack snow, we keep toboganning. It's fun. The alternative was to go home and spending time with "the folks". What would you choose?
Kaitlynn and Alina walk up to James and I, who were about to slide down.

Don't worry. She's alright. Gave me a good punch in the stomach later, but it was worth it.
"Right, so next hill," prompted Kaitlynn.
The lot of us made our way to the next hill without anything but the usua l bantering we had come to expect from one another.
"Hey James, you really wiped out there eh?" taunted Joel.
"Shut the hell up! I'm not the one that slide through a ton of mud!" responds James.
This brought a whole chorus of responses from the others.  No one realizes that the new "hill" is just the other side of the first one.  No one cares.
Anyone want to buy a duck?
We got to the top of the "new" hill and stared down.
"You've got to be kidding," commented Joel.
He was obviously referring to all the jumps on the hill which were meant for vehicles with a lot more control than what we had.
"Man, it's awesome, watch!" Mukesh exclaims.
"Yeah! Let's go dude!" I yell, then without delay, we pile into the red tobogan and throw ourselves down the hill.
OW! We hit the biggest jump and go flying through the air. HU! We land. Everyone on the hill watch us make it all the way down before wiping out at the bottom.
"So, who's next?" asks a sardonic Kaitlynn.
James and Joel go down in the one tobogan without incident while Dimitri bravely slides down in his yellow bucket. He flys out after the first bump and tumbles down the rest of the hill.
At the bottom of the hill, James suggests we have a snow ball fight. Brilliant idea.
"Hey guys!" I say, "Get some snow, we'll get Alina and Kaitlynn as they go down!"
What happened next is better displayed through pictures: