Dramatis Personae

Kaitylnn Alina
The beginning
"Can someone clarify why there's no structured narrative; no neat story line to explain?"
-The Weakerthans
According to experimental data gather by KV, Muke and myself, anything more than 3mm of snow on the ground is sufficient for toboganning at Malden. Full results are posted in the "The Unusual Suspects."
That's why, on the seventh day of the third month of the two thousand third year after a man with a the idea of world peace was persecuted for his ideas, toboganning is the first thing I think of when I see that the snow outside. This isn't an opportunity to be wasted.
An hour after school, everything's set. I get stuck with the responsiblity of the camera.
Small price to pay.
Everyone's going to meet at the hill at 4:30. KV, Lina and I are getting picked up by Dimitri and Muke. Obviously we're late. There's always some damn thing.
So we get there 20 minutes late. James, Joel and Stan are already there.
Stan yells from the top of the hill, "Where the hell have you been?"
Before I can answer, I hear, "Damnit! Ludwik, come here, I need some help."
Mukesh can't do up his coat because he's wearing mittens and doesn't want to take them off.
"You're a genius Muke, pure genius," I said sarcastically.
"Hey shut up, just don up the coat."
I do up his coating, laughing.
We walk to the hill and see this:
Stan and James
I think to myself, That's great. Looking past them, to the hill, I find that the top third of it is wet, gooy mud. Wonderful.
Joel comes running from the bottom of the hill.
"Don't start from that part of the hill," pointing to the top right corner, "You might think you could make down the side, but you'll go diagonal, straight through the mud!"
Somehow, Kaitlynn and Alina missed what he said headed straight for that part of the hill. They had no other warning.
Both fit on KV's little boogy board. You could see from they weren't going to make it from the start. Sure enough, they fly off.
Bam! Right into the mud! They slide right through the biggest patch. It isn't pretty.
Kaitlynn stops in the middle of the patch. Alina keeps sliding on her ass till the very bottom of the hill.
Everyone else is on the ground laughing. Stan's yelling "Take a picture! Take a picture!" I fumble around with the camera and managed to take a few shots before they ran for cover.