Let's go this way!

The End

The afternoon wears on. We continue racing down, wiping out and all that other fun stuff stuff that's usually associated with toboganning as well as stuff not usually associated.
Like playing tag.
Tag in the snow on a hill!
It doesn't last long, but it sure is fun.
We then find a ski mask forzen in the ground midst a pile of broken tobogans.
debris mask
It is generally accepted that one of two things happened to its owner.A) The owner of the mask took it off while taking a refreshing break from tobogannig. This explanation, however, is regarded as highly plausible and therefore unlikely since things are rarely that simple. Also, it does not explain the debris surrounding the mask and therefore regarded to be the weaker of the two. B) The owner, while preparing for another run do the hill, is assailed by a mysterious and highly dangerous attacker. The owner, Freddy-Bob-Jim if you will, is overwhelmed by this attacker and leaves his mask as a sign of what happened. Freddy-Bob-Jim uses his tobogan to defend himself, but the tobogan proved to be weak and frail, having been imported from country which produces low-quality tobogans, and broke into to shards of plastic. Niether explanation completely satisfy our curiosity but as Stan put it,
"Who cares!?"
The day ends abruptly as people's rides begin to show up. James, Joel and Stan are the first to leave, followed by Alina, Kaitlynn, Dimitri and myself.
KV & A
 I don't know how Mukesh gets home. But he does. Or so he claims. After all, how do we know he isn't abducted by an advanced alien race while waiting, replaced by a fake Mukesh, then sent into to the past to prevent a catastrophical event and fails and history is forever tainted by his failure? Think about it.

-The End-